Christopher Ebarb

About Me

My Work

I specialize in Portraiture Photography. Whether it’s a high-concept, cinematic fine art piece or a simple headshot, my photographs generally feature a person as the subject. I enjoy shooting on-location, especially in natural environments, but I also enjoy shooting in urban areas and I occasionally shoot on studio backdrops.

My Bio

Since I was a kid, I knew that I wanted to be an artist. I used to take photos of fences and actual piles of trash with a disposable camera (you could say the grunge scene in the 90’s inspired my 8 year old self). I would borrow my mom's camera and take pictures of the pets. I bought my first camera (some sort of Kodak point and shoot) when I was 13 to take pictures of my friends. In high school I took every available class that let me experiment with a camera. It wouldn’t be until I attended a film school in 2008 that my passion for visual arts would be fully realized. Learning about the technical aspects of lighting, composition, and exposure inspired me to create more than pictures; I was inspired to create meaningful art. 

My Gear

The equipment that a photographer uses should be an extension of themselves. Cameras, lights, lenses, etc are tools to help a photographer create and capture the image that’s in their head.  While some of my work is created using a digital camera, most of my art is created using a series of film cameras. I find that film is best suited for my style, and I think there is something romantic about capturing a moment in time on a physical piece of emulsion, versus a series of bits and pixels. I primarily shoot on medium format film, but I shoot on 4x5 sheet film for my high concept fine art. For simple portrait sessions I’ll shoot a combination of film and digital. 

Using Format